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Electrical Engineer
College degree or above, electronic / Mechatronics / electrical automation and other related professionals, proficient PLC, familiar with programming, familiar with the machinery and equipment of electrical maintenance, mechanical electrical equipment industry experience preferred. Particularly outstanding person, may be appropriate to relax the academic requirements.
Mechanical Engineer
College degree or above, mechanical, electrical and other related professional experience in one year or more, good CAD drawing, with a solid mechanical design skills, have the same industry-related work experience is preferred admission.
Quality Commissioner
High school education, a better quality of ideas, quality and proficiency in the use of measuring tools, more than a year of quality management experience, strong communication skills and coordination capacity or are familiar with ISO9000 certification system is preferred.
Production with a single
High school or above, male or female, to understand the management of production drawings, familiar with the production process, proficient use of office software.
Foreign sales
Male or female, English CET four or more spoken English, familiar with foreign trade business processes, there are foreign exhibitors experience is preferred.
More than one year of work experience, knowledge of engineering drawings, welding certificate holders or have to work with the industry experience is preferred.
Warehouse Manager (Urgent)
Male, 40 years old, responsible, two or more years of work experience in warehouse management

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